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How to Affiliate


To affiliate with TDBA download and complete the entire form. Once complete, please print the form and mail a copy with the fee to the address located on the top of the form or email the completed form and pay by etransfer. Please note that this form is also used to update Badminton Ontario's website: "Where to Play."


This year's affiliation continues with Badminton Ontario partnering up with Badminton Canada.


The club only pays $75.00 to affiliate with TDBA. Once I receive your form and fee, I will contact Badminton Ontario to let them know you are affiliated. With your affiliation you will receive $5M general liability, Errors & Omissions/Directors & Officers coverage from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023. I have attached the affiliation form in Word and PDF format for this year.  


The NEXT STEP involves ALL of your club members going onto the Badminton Ontario Player Web to register (NOTE: recreation players are general members for $12.50) . Here is the information and link to Player Web:

Your players must purchase General Membership for $12.50 on Badminton Ontario Player Web. When they do this, they are covered with Sports Accident Insurance and can also take advantage of Badminton Canada's incentives which include 5-10% of West Jet or Air Canada flights and 5% off Enterprise or National Car Rentals. If the majority of your players refuse to take part in the Player Web, your insurance could be REVOKED.

Upon receipt of this form and fee by TDBA, your club agrees to affiliate with TDBA. You also agree to meet the requirement of this insurance policy and the government by providing a list of your club player names and other pertinent information as requested by Badminton Ontario and periodically provide an updated list. You understand that only named players may make a claim under this policy.

Also attached is an incident report for any injuries that take place at your club. Please fill it out and send a copy to and it will forwarded to Badminton Ontario. Thank you and have a great season! If you have any questions about the affiliation form please contact me at

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