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How to Affiliate


To affiliate with TDBA download and complete the entire form. Once complete, please email the completed form and pay by e-transfer or print the form and mail a copy with the fee to the address located on the top of the form. Please note that this form is also used to update Badminton Ontario's website: "Where to Play."


Welcome to a new season! Badminton Ontario has changed their membership platform this year and has eliminated playerweb.


I have attached TDBA's affiliation form for this season which is valid from September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024. If you wish to affiliate, please fill it out completely and email it back to me. You can find payment information at the top of the form. I will inform Badminton Ontario of your affiliation once I have received the completed form along with payment.


Here are the steps clubs need to do in order to affiliate.


The club affiliates with TDBA for $75.00.

Then the club affiliates with Badminton Ontario 2 ways:

1. as an insured club (general commercial liability for the club & sports accident for the individual), the club pays $7.00/individual

2. as an affiliated club (no insurance): flat rate depending on the number of players the club has (e.g., 0-50 members $50, 51-100 members $150, etc.)


The individuals who play in tournaments then need to purchase a BON membership on their own. See BON's website for more information at 

Also attached is an incident report for any injuries that take place at your club. Please fill it out and send a copy to and it will forwarded to Badminton Ontario. Thank you and have a great season! If you have any questions about the affiliation form please contact me at

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