How to Affiliate

AFFILIATION FOR THE 2021-22 SEASON IS ON PAUSE AT THE MOMENT. Thank you for your patience.

To affiliate with TDBA download and complete the entire form. Once complete, please print the form and mail a copy with the fee to the address located on the top of the form or email the completed form and pay by etransfer. Please note that this form is also used to update Badminton Ontario's website: "Where to Play."

Some reminders about affiliation: Please remember that a club can only choose one level of affiliation. If you have players in your club that are going to compete in Badminton Ontario sanctioned events, you must register as a competitive club in order for them to buy a player's card

If you are a recreational club and want to buy Sport Accident Insurance, you must buy it for all of your members. Any club that buys this insurance must provide a list of the members names you purchased it for and their gender.

As a competitive club, you have the option of buying Sport Accident for your players that do not buy a player's card. Members that buy a player's card through Badminton Ontario are automatically covered. This year Errors & Omissions/Directors & Officer's Coverage is included when you affiliate. 

Upon receipt of this form and fee by TDBA, your club agrees to affiliate with TDBA. You also agree to meet the requirement of this insurance policy and the government by providing a list of your club player names and other pertinent information as requested by Badminton Ontario and periodically provide an updated list. You understand that only named players may make a claim under this policy.

Also attached is an incident report for any injuries that take place at your club. Please fill it out and send a copy to and it will forwarded to Badminton Ontario. Thank you and have a great season! If you have any questions about the affiliation form please contact me at

TDBA Affiliation Form Word
TDBA Affiliation Form PDF